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Editorial Coverage

Here is what the top beauty magazines and websites have to say about NIA24.

  • Buzzfeed april 2017 b
    BuzzFeed April 2017

    Skin Strengthening Complex - 26 Splurge-Worthy Skin Care Products You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner. "With sensitive skin you usually can't have a lotion with any kind of fragrance, something I miss. Not with Nia24. It has a very light, clean and fresh scent that I just love. My face is never greasy." —Raquel C.

  • New Beauty Spring 2016
    New Beauty Spring 2016

    Rapid Exfoliating Serum - The Best Discoloration Erasers. Niacinamide, a derivative of niacin provides more than a single benefit. While it's best known for its ability to suppress inflammation, it's also great to use once the pigment has lifted considerably.

  • Redbook March 2016
    Redbook March 2016

    Intensive Recovery Complex - Your most beautiful age right now! For Pamela, an assistant high school principal, beauty smarts are in her blood. Her routine includes NIA24 Intensive Recovery Complex, "the cream faded my sun spots and keeps my skin radiant."

    Brides March 2016

    Skin Strengthening Complex - Beauty award winner for best night cream. Niacin fades dark spots, green tea and rosemary restore, and peptide complex reduces wrinkles. "I like cold, hard science in my skin care, and this is it. I saw a difference in two weeks."

  • Daily Makeover feb 2016 February 2016

    Eye Repair Complex - Fine lines are primarily attributed to genetics, sun damage and smoking. Peptides are a new player on the market.

  • Better Homes & Gardens Oct 2015
    Better Homes & Gardens October 2015

    Intensive Recovery Complex - Cream with niacinamide can help calm redness

  • new beauty summer 2015
    New Beauty Summer 2015

    Neck Strengthening Complex - This is the perfect adjunct to use with in-office treatments because it adds moisture and gives a tightening effect over time.

    Brides Magazine March 2015

    Skin Strengthening Complex - 2015 Beauty Award Winner-Best Night Cream. In a category packed with enriching nutrients, this tube stood out. The ceramides soften, while niacin strengthens skin's barrier and goes to town on fine lines. Our tester, was immediately hooked.

  • NYTmag march 2015
    NYTmag January 2015

    Gentle Cleansing Cream - A Winter Skin Guide to Locking in the Moisture: Look for creams that contain ceramides. In layman’s terms, Dr. Wexler explains a ceramide is a “glue” that holds skin cells together, helping skin maintain its appearance while protecting it. She calls products that contain them “great barrier repair” that bind moisture and water.

  • New Beauty fall winter 2014
    New Beauty Fall/Winter 2014

    Skin Strengthening Complex - Fighting Skin Related Issues with Niacin: Courtney Cox relies on the NIA24 Skin Strengthening Complex to reverse hyperpigmentation and improve her skin’s texture.

  • medesthetics oct 2014
    MedEsthetics October 2014

    Gentle Cleansing Cream, Skin Strengthening Complex, Rapid Exfoliating Serum - Broad A-Peel: Pre and Post Peel Care. Chemical peels can address numerous concerns, but achieving optimal outcomes requires an understanding of skin types, peeling agents and appropriate post peel care. NIA24 has developed what it calls an "enhancement system" for after in office peels.

  • web md oct 2014 October 2014

    Physical Cleansing Scrub - Double Duty: Need a more streamlined skin care routine? This all-in-one cleansing and exfoliating scrub gently removes dead skin cells and increases circulation, revealing a fresher, more even-textured complexion.

  • Vogue Sept 2014
    Vogue September 2014

    Treatment Catalyst--Super Charged Face Serums: There’s always a desire for faster, better, longer-lasting results. NIA24’s Treatment Catalyst, a host of active ingredients, including circulation-boosting niacin, detoxifying vitamins,and essential fatty acids, reinforce the surface of your skin, sealing in the effectiveness of any moisturizers and anti-aging serums you layer on top.

  • More April 2014 b
    MORE April 2014

    Sun Damage Prevention UVA/UVB Sunscreen SPF 30--Better Skin Now Than at 20!: “If you have pigmentation issues, choose an SPF that contains a skin brightener, like niacinamide or soy,” says Leslie Baumann, MD, a Miami based dermatologist. Try NIA24 Sun Damage Prevention UVA/UVB Sunscreen SPF 30 with nicotinic acid.

  • Instyle jan 2014
    InStyle January 2014

    Intensive Retinol Repair--30 Days to Amazing Skin: At night, use a retinol lotion (like NIA24 Intensive Retinol Repair) - spiked with hydrating hyaluronic acid and firming peptides- to (gently!) stimulate collagen

  • Prevention 2014 b
    Prevention January 2014

    Intensive Retinol Repair - Tune Up Your Skin Tone: Discoloration is a normal part of aging. Minimize unwanted spots with these tips from Ariel Ostad, Long term fix: NIA24 Intensive Retinol Repair contains retinol and nicotinic acid to lighten over time.