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Physician Testimonials

“As a Plastic Surgeon, I have worked with a number of medical skincare lines…most of which are simply spins on older lines with very little difference from the last. NIA 24 is different. In reality, we don’t sell NIA, NIA sells itself. Our clients like the fact that it is easy to use, is backed by solid research from the National Institutes of Health, and most importantly, is priced right and easy to use. NIA 24 is our number one selling skincare line. And when our clients look good…we look good.”
Gregory Buford, MD FACS
Denver, CO

“Sunscreens which contain Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide protect against both UVA and UVB rays through the use of physical sunblocks. One such excellent sunscreen, the NIA 24 100% Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30, contains these two active ingredients. In addition, it contains Niacin, which is an excellent natural photo-protective agent. Using sunscreens is important to reduce the incidence of skin cancer.”

Ariel Ostad, MD
New York, NY

“I have been receiving very positive feedback on the NIA 24 products from my patients. NIA 24 with Pro-Niacin is truly one of the best breakthroughs in anti-aging skin care since Retin A --and it is more of a true "anti-aging" product than the retinoid family of products. Not only is NIA 24 a key component of a scientifically-based cosmetic skin care program, it is also part of an optimal regimen for skin cancer prevention. We've really only begun to tap into the many health benefits of Niacin in the form of Pro-Niacin.”
Julie K. Salmon, M.D.
Phoenix, AZ
“NIA24 products are a new and exciting therapeutic modality for the treatment of patients with photodamaged skin, to be used alone or in combination with other agents and procedures.”
Marta Rendon, M.D.
Boca Raton, FL
“Several of my patients have noticed a remarkable difference on their necks. One of my patients said that she had tried 'Everything' to reduce neck hyperpig- mentation and the NIA 24 products are the only products that have made a difference.”
Ruth Gilboa, M.D.
San Diego, CA
“I am excited about the visible improvement in texture, wrinkles, sun damage, and overall appearance of the skin. The effects are comparable to tretinoin but appear faster and without irritation.”
Steven Shapiro, M.D.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL